KaylaC“In 2005 I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. To me that just meant I had to eat before workouts and eat more often. I was struggling to break through and found myself feeling lethargic, exhausted and drained during competition and training. It wasn’t until I began working with Jenn that I started to see changes in my results and my energy levels. She helped design a comprehensive plan that no doubt was a huge part of my success leading up to an in London. Jenn is a vital part of the team that helps make my dreams a reality!”
Kayla Harrison – 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Judo

Varner“Jenn is a reliable and credible source of nutrition support for me. She has helped me with easy to manage plans for lean mass gain, performance nutrition during competition as well as supplement advising. Jenn has traveled with USA Wrestling internationally to World and Olympic Games since 2011 and her support on the road is really valued and appreciated by our athletes and coaches!” Jake Varner – 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Wrestling

AbbyJohnston“Diet is an important part of any sport, but especially in an asthetically-pleasing sport like diving. Jenn helped me reach my Olympic goals by building nutritious meal plans yet, always asking for my input. When I stepped on the board in London, I felt fueled and in-shape for a peak performance, thanks to Jenn’s guidance. The best part about working with Jenn is her positive attitude and the constant encouragement along the way!”
Abby Johnston – 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, Diving

kara-LangThrough out my soccer career it has become more and more apparent how vital proper nutrition is to maintaining peak performance. Whether it’s pre competition fueling or post workout recovery, what I put in my body directly affects what I get out of it. Jenn Gibson has helped both myself and my teammates realize the importance of this, and shown us easy ways to make nutrition a priority in our training programs, competition routines, and hectic travel schedules.”
Kara Lang – Canadian Women’s Soccer Team

“With Jenn’s plan I saw immediate results – a gradual weight loss, increased energy, strength, recovery and the endurance to sustain the required pace. Her expertise made it possible for me to train longer and without any negative effects. During the ride, as temperatures hit 41ºC and we had been cycling for over 140km, I had the confidence that Jenn’s advice on the hydration monitoring would keep me going” Marc Bowles- Just Giver for Parkinson’s 10 day 1,354km Cyclist

josh-hang” Once I learned that the food I eat represents the energy I can put out it made all the sense in the world to eat well.. in a very simple way Jennifer made some suggestions to my diet and in a very short period of time I started to enjoy more sustained energy levels, increased awareness and recovered quicker so I could work and play at a higher level more often.”
Josh Dueck – 2010 Paralympic Silver Medalist – Para-Alpine Skiier

“I never realized the magnitude of how my diet affected my training. After making a good plan with Jenn I have had more energy and have been able to sustain a high intensity level through out my workouts and competitions days. I feel light, quick, and nimble. At the end of the day, it has only helped me be a better rider.”
Maëlle Ricker – 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist – Snowboard Cross

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